I’ve been planning to get a tattoo for the longest time now, and I’ve had the placement decided for about a year now and I’ve finally chosen a quote, I wanted something with 3-4 words max and I think this one is perfect (also because the word “aspire” just sounds so pretty). Also, I love the scripty/hand written looking font.. I just think it looks so summery too.. So excited :D :D, I’m going in to see the tattooist and plan it in about 2 weeks.

I woke up and exercised today :0

Rejoined the pierced ears club.

You’re such a sweetheart for offering to take me home, but I never want to lose my independence or feel like I’m using someone ever again.

My absolute favourite past time is sitting in the bath for two hours singing along to my spotify on full blast.
Instagram : @pamela_parker

On thursday at the bridal studio, we were planning my “unbirthday” party

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Instagram : @Pamela_parker

Yes, It was only one mistake but you should have known that I’m not the type of person that simply forgives and forgets those kind of mistakes.

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I want to go on an adventure.
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